Our Pendant Lamp

Model: BOT01

  •  the lamp insert can become easily inserted in a wine or other glassbottle through the bottle neck, and it locks inside when it gets pulled back
  • fits into all standard glass bottles with a bottleneck inner diameter of 17-22 mm (0.67-0.87 Inch)
  • simple insertion and secure locking within the bottle
  • also easily detachable from a bottle for a bottle change
  • uniformly light distribution around the light element
    exchangeable light element having an integrated power LED, max. 6 W, 0-1000 mA-DC @5,5-6 VDC, light color warmwhite (3000 K)
  • high efficient LED achieving 300 Lm @2 W or 800 Lm @6 W
  • LED life time > 65 000 hours = 18,8 years * 8 hours/day
    current driven from 0-1000 mA @ 5,5-6 V-DC
  • high quality materials as aluminum and acrylic glass
    only for indoor use (IP 50)
  • available as a complete package with power adapter, cable, cable cup and hanging accessories
  • or only as a lamp insert with cable harness
  • with a textile cable in different colors or with transparent silicon cable