Bottle Light



Model: BOT09 bu_download

Vivi-LED® Table Lamp

with Di-Potter™ Lamp Shades

  • for standard and rechargeable batteries (AA cells);
  • up to 120 hours illumination per battery set;
  • multiple different lamp shades available;
  • lamp shades can be ordered with individual prints as Logos and images;
  • warm white LED light (3000K);
  • highly efficient LED technology (170 lm/W );
  • all-over harmonic light emmission;
  • On/Off switching by rotating the lamp;
  • Two adjustable intensities (BOT09-4) 15 bzw. 40 lumen by rotating the lamp;
  • 100 000 hours life time;
  • high quality materials and manufacturing;
  • optimized electronics for rechargeable NiMH battery cells;
  • easy manageable for restaurants, partys, bars and the like;
  • Height 27cm; lamp shade Ø 11,4 cm (bottom).

Available Models:

Type/Model   Description
BOT09-3    Table Lamp with one illumination intensity of 15 Lumen
BOT09-4    Table Lamp with adjustable illumination intensity of 15 / 40 Lumen

All models come with three di Potter™ lamp shades and are delivered without batteries.

Additional various fitting Di Potter™ Lamp Shades bu_download