Bottle Light



Model: BOT04 bu_download

Bottle-light Lamp – extra bright dimmable

nice comfortable table illumination
  • fits in all standard wine and Champagne bottles and illuminates from the inside;
  • easy installable as table light for parties, garden parties, restaurants, bars and for camping;
  • with warm-white or cold-white light (3000/5000 K);
  • on-/off-switching by slightly turning the lid;
  • two brightness levels adjustable: 15/40 lumen – by turning the lid;
  • LED with 170 lm/W – super high efficient – with 100 000 hours lifetime;
  • 100 hours @ 15 lm respectively 40 hours @ 40 lm illumination time per battery set;
  • Optimized electronics for rechargeable NiMH cells and standard AA battery cells;
  • high quality design and materials – electronics for constant brightness and long lasting batteries;
  • waterproof at the bottom up to the lid and rain proof from the top of the lamp;
  • continuous operation possible with the battery replacement module BOT06 and USB power supply;
  • no fire danger.

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Article No. Description

BOT-04-wBottlelight, warm-white LED light 15/40 lm adjustable;
BOT-04-kBottlelight, cold-white LED light 15/40 lm adjustable;
BOT-06Battery replacement module for use with USB power adapter.

Packaging – Carton Tube

The product comes in a stable Carton Tube with pictures and the EAN code printed on it. The Carton Tube is sturdy enough for putting it into a big envelope.
Diameter 34mm (1.34 inch); Length 300 mm (11.81 inch).
Total weight inclusive product: 115g (0.25 lbs).


Instruction’s Languages: DE, EN, NL, F, I, ES, PT, RU.

Producer and Customs Code

Dr. Kitzenmaier, Leuchten
Country of origin: Germany.
International Customs class ID: 8513 1000

Further technical information can be downloaded here bu_download